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New / Existing Home Purchase


Academy Mortgage offers great service on your home loan. We will show you prices from our most popular programs, and you choose what’s right for you.

Once you apply with us, one of our highly competent team members will be assigned to work with you all the way through to closing.


Next Steps

Below are a list of steps that will get you on your way to a new home loan.

Step One

Select a program, rate and point structure that fits your needs. Keep in mind you are free to adjust the terms up to a week before closing, or until you lock in, whichever comes first.

Step Two

Complete a loan application online in a secure environment. If you run into trouble, just call and talk to us directly. The experts at Academy Mortgage are there to help you through the process from start to finish.

Step Three

Within 24 hours after we receive your application, your loan will be assigned to a professional processor. He or she will review your information with you, and cover any questions you have concerning your credit report.

Step Four

In the next 24 hours, your completed information will be submitted for electronic approval. This approval will determine you eligibility for the program you selected, and establish the necessary documentation needed to get your loan through processing and in to our closing department.

If you are ineligible for the program you selected, your Academy Mortgage professional will even help recommend a competing mortgage company that may be able to better serve you!

Step Five

The Academy Mortgage professionals will take it from there. You will be sent a completed set of loan documents electronically, or in the mail for your signature, as well as the list of specific documentation needed to complete the final loan approval. We’ll order the appraisal and title insurance for you!

You are also eligible to "Lock In" your interest rate any time after Step 5 is complete. Please understand that you must "Lock In" at least 10 business days before a scheduled closing date, so we have time to get your closing package shipped. Simply call during business hours and we'll confirm your rate while you are on the phone!

Step Six

When the package is complete, your Academy Mortgage processor submits it to an underwriter for final loan approval, and gathers any additional conditions the underwriter requests.

Step Seven

Academy Mortgage ships your closing package to the title company, and you close on your new loan.

That’s how it all gets done! And it all starts with a our quick Secure Loan Application


Fill out the form with your information and preferred day and time


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home

Does the Agent Represent You?

In Colorado, if there is a Buyer Agency agreement, the agent represents the Buyer. If the Buyer is looking at a home listed by their agent then the agent is working for both the Seller and Buyer then the agent must work as a Transaction Broker.

As a Transaction Broker the agent has the duty to be fair and honest with all parties. Transaction Brokers do not represent either party and may not pass on information confidential to either party.

Seller's agents owe duties, loyalties and faithfulness to the Seller, and they must tell the Seller all information they know about the Buyer. Buyer's Agents have the same duties to Buyers, as Seller's Agents have to Sellers.

While neither Seller's Agents nor Transaction Brokers are the Buyer's agent, they can provide you with:

  • Information about available properties.
  • Sources of financing and available rates.
  • Help in analyzing and comparing the physical and economic features of different properties.
  • An opportunity to view the property.
  • Assistance in making an offer to purchase.
  • Both types of agents are obligated by law to treat you honestly and fairly and they must:
    • Present all written offers to the owner promptly.
    • Disclose material facts about the property known to the broker.
    • Offer the property without regard to race, creed, sex, religion, national origin, handicap, or familial status.

If you choose to have a Real Estate broker represent you as your agent, you must enter into a written contract that states the following:

  • Clearly establishes the obligations of both parties.
  • Spells out how your agent will be paid and by whom.
  • The term for which the agent will represent you.
  • The parameters of the home and area you want.


Mortgage Rates

Academy Mortgage is a "mortgage banking" operation. While we may "broker" the occasional loan, there is a distinction between these two types of loan originations that you should know.

"Mortgage bankers" approve your loan in house and lend their own money to facilitate your loan's closing. However, "mortgage brokers" merely pick an investor to send your loan to. The investor then approves your loan and provides their funds at your closing.

So why is this important? Because we make our own decision and use our own funds, mortgage bankers have something called "buy back" liability. If the final investor doesn't like the decision we made, they can force us to "buy back" your loan. The reason that is important to you is because this means mortgage bankers generally get better pricing from the same investors, than mortgage brokers do. It also means we can be more responsive to changes you may want to make to your loan structure, and close your loan in a shorter time frame. In a world where real estate transactions can take many different twists and turns,  it pays to deal with the source of your loan directly!

The rate quotes listed on the home page are the current average price in each program category. Keep in mind that there are a myriad of factors that go into getting you the best quote for your circumstances. If you have very high credit scores, your rate may be substantially better than the rates listed. So e-mail, or contact us, or submit an application today and let us do the shopping for you!

If you are interested in receiving more information about our services please let us know. If you feel that you meet the requirements for our loan program and you wish to apply for a loan online, please visit our loan application page. If you wish to apply via fax/phone, please visit our contact page and we will follow up with the information that you have requested.


Fill out the form with your information and preferred day and time